Elizabeth Flint
Elizabeth’s teaching is more than the sum of her flowing choreography, her melodic and soothing voice, and her gentle, precise adjustments. Elizabeth has the unique ability to meld her transparence of heart into her teaching practice so that you feel the compassion, fearlessness and peace that is the essence of everything she does.

Individual Sessions

Whether you are experiencing illness, mental strife, emotional imbalance or challenges with work or personal relationships, individual healing sessions can help you let go of the past and move into a healthier, happier future.

Each session includes an initial consultation during which we discover the root of your personal imbalance. Then through shamanic energy work, I will help you release what is not serving you. We will also connect to the healed, whole, vibrant aspects of your being leaving you feeling more centered, relaxed, empowered and positive. I’ve witnessed the release of long-held pain from the body, letting go of painful relationships and attaining great success as a result of energy healing. Like any healing modality, western or eastern, there is no guarantee of a certain outcome, but I can promise a feeling of greater balance and harmony will arise.


Space Clearing

Dwellings have a life, a personality and perspective all their own. One part of the work Shamans do is space clearing. Whether a home or business, this process rids the space of dense energy and allows clear, vibrant, vital energy to flow. When clearing a space, I invite the people who live or work there to join me in the process. Almost always, when I find a dense energy, it has been brought in or activated by the person dwelling there. 

Consider having your space cleared if you’ve recently moved into a new home or office, after a relationship ends or if some sort of trauma occurred in the space. Space Clearing can be a wonderful adjunct to Spring Cleaning as a way of lightening up the space physically and energetically.

I truly love doing this work and supporting you in creating the kind of dwelling where you can become your best self, create the abundance and success you deserve and flourish as an individual or as a family.



While many traditional ceremonies exist for birth, marriage and death, the ones given to us by our culture do not always match our own personal intentions or spiritual aspirations.

Drawing from a variety of spiritual and philosophical traditions, I help couples create a meaningful wedding ceremony that reflects their own unique vision and values. As well as officiating the ceremony, I meet with couples for a premarital coaching session and offer a pre-ceremony intention setting and grounding session. Taking time to pause and breathe helps the couple relax into the joy of the big day.

Birth Ceremonies
Bringing a new life into the world is an incredible experience that often gets overlooked. I help families of all kinds create a sacred ceremony to welcome their newest member into the family. I help each family member create and express their intentions and visions for the new version of their family that they are welcoming in.

Death Ceremonies
In the shamanic tradition a death ceremony helps to free and guide the spirit of the one who is leaving. I also help loved ones create a life celebration ceremony to reflect on the impact the departed had on the lives of their loved ones and to help carry on their memory.