Elizabeth Flint
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Announcing My New Book Release!

Total Transformation

Seven Sacred Steps to Freedom

Now more than ever, we seem to be both falling deeper into despair and awakening more rapidly. Total Transformation is about waking up to the fact that we are suffering. The things we thought would make us happy- more money, more stuff, more stimulation, more control- are not working. The yoga sutras start with two instructions- “Now” and “Stop”. Now is the time. We must stop to look at the root causes of our suffering and heal them so that we can thrive on all levels, from our most basic experience of being safe in the world to our deepest longing to merge with the Divine. Total Transformation offers clear and simple guidance on this journey to true freedom and joy- the kind that makes you unshakable.

I’m thrilled to announce that my first book, Total Transformation, is now available through my publisher, Balboa Press and Amazon. Available in Hardcover, Paperback or Kindle!

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Elizabeth shares her experience, wisdom and compassion with clarity and inspiration. Take your time and savor the changes that will come from slowing down with her skillful, honest and tenderhearted guidance.

Explore, Elevate and Enlighten.

Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Flint. I believe that life is a continual journey of transformation. In my work as a teacher, healer and coach, I utilize the powerful tools of yoga, energy medicine, meditation and body/mind reconditioning to help people release their burdens, utilize their gifts and connect to the next highest version of themselves.

Join me on this journey by reading my book, Total Transformation, taking one of my yoga classes, scheduling an energy healing session, and joining one of my retreats or trainings. Wherever you’ve been, whoever you are- transformation is always available and possible. Let me show you how.


Heal, Flourish and Connect.

When we leave our daily lives behind and submerge ourselves into the practice of yoga and meditation, deep transformation takes place. E Yoga workshops offer in-depth exploration of both yoga and meditation with the added support of both ancient and modern healing modalities. Elizabeth’s signature Chakra Healing Series and Meditation Series will challenge you physically, mentally and spiritually. These workshops can be adapted to fit a weeklong or weekend format for your group retreat or studio. E Yoga retreats are held at beautiful, healing locations far from the distractions of modern life so you can unwind and rediscover yourself.

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Individuals, Groups, Engagements.

E Yoga group classes are a community experience. Elizabeth and her students come together to give their time, effort and attention to the practice of yoga. Within this sacred space transformation occurs in the minds, bodies and hearts of each person in the room. Elizabeth believes that when we come together with a common benevolent intention we start a ripple effect that creates a positive impact in the world. Through alignment based vinyasa, yin yoga, pranayama and meditation students are transported deeply with themselves to connect to their purest essence so they may bring this into the world in their own unique way.


Release, Refresh.

True healing is a process of finding balance and harmony by releasing the energy that is no longer serving us and tapping into a fresh new source of energy that helps us move our lives towards health, happiness and abundance.

Energy work is a powerful method of creating balance in individuals, families, spaces and companies.

I offer a variety of services that combine ancient wisdom with modern technology in the field of human development to bring greater wellbeing to every area of your life.