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Total Transformation

Seven Sacred Steps to Freedom

 Now more than ever, we seem to be both falling deeper into despair and awakening more rapidly. Total Transformation is about waking up to the fact that we are suffering. The things we thought would make us happy- more money, more stuff, more stimulation, more control- are not working. The yoga sutras start with two instructions- “Now” and “Stop”. Now is the time. We must stop to look at the root causes of our suffering and heal them so that we can thrive on all levels, from our most basic experience of being safe in the world to our deepest longing to merge with the Divine. Total Transformation offers clear and simple guidance on this journey to true freedom and joy- the kind that makes you unshakable.

I’m thrilled to announce that my first book, Total Transformation, is now available through my publisher, Balboa Press and Amazon. Available in Hardcover, Paperback or Ebook!



This book is full of wisdom and heart. Elizabeth’s sincerity leaps off the page to inspire and support your journey inward. Total Transformation is a powerful book for anyone looking to create lasting change.
— Chrissy Carter, Yoga Teacher, Contributor to Yoga Journal
Elizabeth’s user-friendly spiritually-based techniques for creating harmony, balance and oneness in your life are masterful! If you have a strong desire for a total transformation ‘inside-out,’ embracing true happiness, joy and peace of mind, then this book is a must read.
— Bill Mayer, Author of The Magic in Asking the Right Questions
Flint effortlessly weaves together simplicity, practicality, humor, humility, vulnerability and magic to create a book that has the potential to truly transform a life. She offers invaluable and easy tools top not only create a wonderful life, but to also just feel better in moments of pain and hardship.
— Jenny Aurthur, Yoga Teacher, Writer and Contributor to Women's Health Magazine
Elizabeth Flint show us how to transform our perceptions of ourselves and of our world by letting go of whatever no longer serves us and choosing to love mindfully and with equanimity. A total transformation can be yours and lies here in these pages. This book could be your game changer.
— Amanda B. Barnes, LMHC and Psychotherapist

ISBN: 9781982211318 (softcover), 9781982211295 (hardcover), 9781982211301(e-book)